Industrial Water-based Door Paints

Industrial Water-based Furniture Paints

Industrial Water-based Exterior Paints

Industrial Water-based Paints for Children's Rooms

Engineering decoration

  • Application of new wooden base material and renovation of old top coating are the two types of work in the decoration of hotels, office building, and public facilities. It demands easy application, superior quality, time-efficient, and more importantly, environment-friendly, odorless and zero waiting time after application.

Home decoration

  • The procedure for surface decoration of Wood door and window, cupboard, covers for heating apparatus, indoor wood panels are standardized. The common glosses used are half matt and matte; the most common color used is either the wood’s original color or light colors in order to create harmonious and pleasant atmosphere.

Outdoor gardening landscape

  • The purpose for applying coatings on villa patio and wooden decorating buildings is to protect the surfaces and rather than decoration. It requires good weatherability, easy application and easy adaptation.

Children’s dorm

  • To parents, it is crucial to maintain a healthy and happy environment their Children. Thus, functionality and safety are always their first priorities.